BioWare Comments On Mass Effect 3’s Extended Cut During PAX East Panel

BioWare has offered some comments about Mass Effect 3‘s Extended Cut DLC, which is coming this summer.

During a panel at PAX East, BioWare Producer Mike Gamble commented on the purpose of the content and what can players can expect from it:

We want to give more closure about some of the questions you have and in general we wanted to give the players a sense of personalization with the endings. Many people mentioned that some of the choices they made in the game are not necessarily reflected in the ending scenes. We’re definitely going to focus on things like that. We want to make sure that when you see the ending of Mass Effect, you now have the information and context to be satisfied.

Gamble also said that the content was more than “just a few cinematic scenes” and that BioWare was “happy to be doing it.”

BioWare addressed the question of why the content in the Extended Cut wasn’t included in the game:

The dev team stands by what was released in the core product, and we’re very proud of it. It was important though for us to listen to the community, and a lot of that feedback didn’t come until the game came out. Once we were listening we decided to include the extended cut. It wasn’t in the game because we didn’t know there was such a huge demand for it, to be honest with you.

Mass Effect 3‘s Extended Cut will arrive sometime this summer.

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