Motorstorm: RC Resonates with the Masses, Racks Up 19 Downloads Every Minute

If you’ve taken a liking to the PS Vita and PS3 title Motorstorm: RC, you’re not alone, as Sony has just released some pretty impressive stats trumpeting the game’s popularity.

According to Sony, a whopping 19 downloads of Motorstorm: RC occur every minute, with someone starting an event within the game every second – that’s 27,360 downloads a day, over 190,000 downloads a week, or around 820,000 downloads a month if it keeps up its pace. Sony has also revealed that at least two new PSN friendships are ‘ignited’ and two new challenges are sent every minute within the game.

Every 60 seconds also sees eight PlayStation Trophies awarded to players on their way to earning the game’s Lunatics United platinum trophy.

“These impressive stats show just how well-received MotorStorm: RC, developed by the team at Evolution Studios, has been,” detailed Sony in a statement.. The publisher didn’t specify whether this includes downloads on both the PS3 and Vita, as gamers who purchase one gain access to the other. Also, it’s important to note that the game is free in the US.

Sony’s efforts to build up the PlayStation Network are finally paying off, as these Motorstorm numbers are a clear indication that gamers are making good use of the service.