Famitsu Teases New Vita Game, Soul Sacrifice

In the latest issue of Famitsu, gamers will be able to get their first glimpse at Soul Sacrifice, a mysterious unannounced Vita title that is said to have “real fantasy shown in high spec.”

According to Sinobi, the magazine includes an image of a group of heroes fighting off an enormous monster. Epic indeed.

A few of the translated keywords include phrases like “story of magician/sorcerers” and “evolved battle concept.” There’s no doubt this game is going for a classic fantasy feel, and it also bears a striking resemblance to Monster Hunter. Maybe the unknown developer is going after the Japanese fanbase that is undyingly loyal to this franchise.

The game’s developer and/or publisher were not provided, so it looks like we’ll have to remain patient on that one. In addition, an official site for the game is believed to go live at PScom.jp very soon.

[Thanks for the tip Gino!/Via]