Nihilistic Releases Fresh Batch of Resistance Burning Skies Screens

First-person shooter fans don’t have to remain patient for much longer, as the PlayStation Vita will finally be getting its first fully functional FPS in the form of Resistance: Burning Skies by the end of May. To gear up for the game’s impending launch, developer Nihilistic Software has just released a substantial batch of new screenshots.

Just because Insomniac Games has moved on from the franchise, it doesn’t look like the Resistance series is going to fade from Sony’s arsenal of exclusive IPs anytime soon, as this latest installment for the PS Vita appears to be shaping up into one heck of an amazing experience.

With visuals that practically rival those on the PS3 along with a fully functional multiplayer suite, and most importantly, dual analog support, this is one Vita title you’d be crazy to pass on.

Check out all of these gorgeous images in the gallery below.

Look for Resistance: Burning Skies in stores on May 29th.