New Demo & New DLC Being Released For Ninja Gaiden 3

Tecmo Koei has announced that new free and paid DLC will be released for Ninja Gaiden 3, in addition to announcing the release of a new demo for PSN and Xbox Live.

The free DLC for NG3 consists of The Ultimate Ninja, an all-new shadow rule for Clan Battle, and a higher level cap as well. The free DLC is available now in the form of an automatic software update for PS3 and as DLC pack Ninja Pack 1 Lite for Xbox 360.

The paid DLC for NG3 consists of new Ninja Trials Packs for the Ultimate Ninja difficulty and additional customization items. The content will be available individually for purchase, as well as in a complete set as Ninja Pack 3 for $9.99 on PSN or 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live. No release date was specified for Ninja Pack 3.

As for the new demo for NG3, it’s available now on PSN and Xbox Live, and offers players a sampling of the game’s opening stage and all three weapons.

Finally, Tecmo Koei has sent along a reminder that the new Ultimate Ninja difficulty was available as a free download starting yesterday (April 24th) and will only be available as a free download until May 24th.

To view “DLC Trailer 3,” click on the video below:

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