New Trailer Reveals Starhawk’s Single Player Campaign Story

A new trailer has been released for upcoming PS3 exclusive Starhawk that offers more details about the story in the game’s single player campaign.

On the PS Blog, Lightbox Interactive President Dylan Jobe released a trailer that shows the story behind the game’s single player campaign, which he asserts is not just multiplayer with bots. He does note, though, that Build & Battle mechanics are integrated into the game. Below is a description of the game’s plot from the official PlayStation YouTube channel:

Emmett Graves is a rift salvager, a hired gun who has a reputation for eliminating threats and saving claims. There has been no job too tough for him and his crew to tackle, but when a new contract sends him back to his old hometown of White Sands, Emmett is all that stands between its salvation and a War Band lead by an infamous Outlaw.

To view the story trailer, click on the video below:

Starhawk releases exclusively for PS3 on May 8th.

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