StarDrone Extreme’s Level Skip DLC is Skipping on Outta Here!

For those of you that read through Anthony’s review of StarDrone Extreme for the Vita, you may remember that one of the negatives he mentioned about the game was the rather insidious Level Skip DLC. The DLC cost $0.99 and allowed a player to skip an unlimited number of levels in the game after it was purchased. Considering the level of difficulty of the game, this might have been an option that some players really wanted to choose, but didn’t because of the obvious nickel and diming of such a move. Thankfully, players may not have to put up with that cost for very much longer.

Beatshapers founder and CEO, Alexey Menshikov, issued a statement this morning that Beatshapers has now reached an agreement with SCEE to make the Level Skip DLC completely free for the EU version of StarDrone Extreme. He has also mentioned that similar negotiations are taking place for the North American version of the game and that a further update regarding those talks will be issued soon. Menshikov also issued an apology to gamers on behalf of the company for the controversial DLC package:

Sometimes we making wrong decisions and would like to apologize for that. (sic)

It’s nice to see that Beatshapers has heard the moans and groans of gamers and reviewers who were appalled by what many viewed as a blatant cash grab. However, the statement from Menshikov fails to mention if refunds will be issued to players that did purchase the DLC or how Beatshapers will compensate those that bought it. Did any of you guys buy the DLC? How do you feel about Beatshapers changing it to a free add-on? Expect quite a few updates to this story in the coming hours, so keep it tuned right here to PlayStation LifeStyle for further developments.