Sony Currently Hard at Work to Bring PSone Classics to Vita, “Pls be Patient”

Just yesterday, PSone classic Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was spotted on the Vita’s marketplace, leading hopeful gamers to believe that Sony’s new portable will soon be getting support for the classic library of original PlayStation titles.

According to a Twitter post by Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, the company is doing their very best to bring the functionality to the Vita as soon as possible, asking gamers to “Pls be patient.” It is clear that Sony is well aware of the fact that this is hands down one of the most highly requested features for the handheld, so believe Yoshida when he says “our engineers are working hard on it.”

While many will argue that this functionality should have been available right out of the gate, especially considering the fact that the classics have been well established on the PlayStation Store for quite some time, it’s great to see Sony really make an effort to completely unify PlayStation’s online space. Now if only they can update the remote play to actually do something, we can get back to loving the handheld.

Be sure to let us know which PSone classic you’ll download first when the functionality is made available.