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PlayStation Home Update: Avengers Clothing, Silent Hill Downpour Outfits & Diner, x7 Exclusive Item & More [Update]

Update: Sony has released the Top 10 best-selling items in PlayStation Home for the month of April by units. Click on the image in the Media Gallery to see the list.

Original Story: This week’s PlayStation Home update includes items themed after Marvel Comics’ Avengers, Silent Hill Downpour outfits and a diner space, Gothic clothing from Konami and more.

This Wednesday, Avengers-themed clothing will be released to PlayStation Home for heroes such as Daredevil, Dr. Strange, Thor, Nova, Union Jack and more for $1.49 a piece. All of the Avengers-themed clothing items can be purchased in a bundle for $4.99 as well, which includes a free Marvel shirt.

The complete list of items follows:

  • Daredevil Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Fantastic 4 Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Iron Man Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Dr. Strange Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Thor Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Hawkeye Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Black Bolt Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Deadpool Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Starlord Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Iron Fist Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Nova Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Union Jack Costume Tee (Male and Female)
  • Black Widow Costume Tee (Female)
  • Ms. Marvel Costume Tee (Female)
  • Spider-Woman Costume Tee (Female)

Further clothing additions to PlayStation Home include Gothic clothing items from Konami such as corset tops, vests, shorts, shirts and skirts.

Speaking of Konami, two clothing items from Silent Hill Downpour — Murphy’s Prison Jumpsuit and Anne Marie’s Police Uniform — will be released, in addition to a Silent Hill Downpour diner personal space ($4.99).

x7 members will receive early access to new items this week, including a collection of new gemstone Auras, a new x7 exclusive bundle, and a free DJ Turntable ornament.

Community Theater will feature HomeCast offering some strategy tips for Granzella’s latest demonic invasion and Gamer Indepth Shoutouts’ Meesh interviewing The Tester Season 3 winner Akilleez_Might.

Also, Home Hold ‘Em will soon be updated to “season 2,” which means new rewards and new functionality are coming to the game. However, as “season 1” closes, so will reward opportunities, so players should earn season 1 rewards while they still can.

To view images of the Gothic clothing from Konami and the Silent Hill Downpour outfits and diner space, click on the Media Gallery below:

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[Source: PS Blog]