Black Ops 2 is “Sort of its own Brand of Fiction,” Separate from Overarching CoD Universe

May 2, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Black Ops 2 is going to provide a completely unique adventure, with a brand-new cast and storyline that isn’t tied to the pre-existing Call of Duty fiction.

Speaking to Ausgamers, Mark Lamia, head of development studio Treyarch made it clear that Black Ops 2 will tell its own story. “Black Ops is its own thing. It’s inside the Call of Duty franchise, but it’s its own fiction,” he said. “It’s sort of its own brand of fiction as well; it’s this historical fiction where we root things in a historical setting and context and we weave our fiction through it.”

Since the upcoming title is set in the future, they’ve had to take a slightly different approach with the fiction of Black Ops 2. As such, the team has done their fair share of research to be sure that this new Call of Duty offers a somewhat grounded and realistic take on future warfare.

We wanted to make sure that this is Call of Duty, it can’t be too sci-fi, it’s gotta feel like this is plausible. It’s part of the DNA of Black Ops where we set up these plausible scenarios and then we have our fiction going through it and our story.

Things that used to be the domain of great science-fiction books is no longer, it’s reality; it’s happening; starting to play out in the headlines today, but certainly in the coming decade.

He then went on to add that while this is a completely fresh story, it will feature some familiar faces from 2010’s Black Ops. In explaining the plot connections, Lamia shared a few interesting tidbits about where the story is headed.

Woods is an old man in the year 2025, and he happens to be in this place called The Vault, which is a place where the CIA keeps its former operatives that are too sensitive to be somewhere else. You’re playing David Mason – the son of Alex Mason – and as this opens up in 2025, you go to visit old man Woods and you’re trying to start to unravel what is going on with the villain [Raul Menendez].

For future updates on how Black Ops 2 is coming along, be sure to keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle. In the meantime go mark November 13th on your calendars as a day to remember.