PlayStation Home Update: Superhero Madhouse, New Outfits & More

May 7, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

This week’s PlayStation Home update includes Superhero Madhouse, Midway 3, new outfits for user characters, a sale on Novus Prime: Vindication outfits, and more.

First, VEEMEE is releasing a new sidescrolling 8-bit game called Superhero Madhouse. Superhero Madhouse can be played in Indie Park beginning on Wednesday or users will also be able to go over to the VEEMEE store to pick up a cabinet that can be taken back to their home spaces. A Superhero Madhouse cap and t-shirt will also be available, but details on pricing or how they’ll be distributed are unavailable. They can be seen in the trailer towards the bottom of this post.

The PS Home update for this week also contains some outfits. HellFire Games is discounting some Novus Prime: Vindication outfits, including the Obsidian Pilot Suit & Blade Ship bundle (40% off) and Nebulon-Interweave Power Suit (50% off). The sale begins today and lasts until the end of the week.

Billabong is offering new “laid back and stylish” clothing items available in the Mall.

A new group of developers and artists, BIGYAMA, is coming to PlayStation Home. They seem to appear to have an upcoming Western-themed line of clothing called Forthstar, which some users will be seen wearing this week.

Users interested in their avatar’s fashion may be interested in “Medusa” hair styles from Lockwood. Male hair styles are The Lightning Bolt, The David, and The Toby. Female hair styles are The Mermaid, The Victoria, and The Boho Babe. Bundles are offered for the styles as well. Look for them in the Lockwood store in the Mall.

The x7 nightclub will receive a bundle and early access items, including weapons, ripped lace jeans, a Peek-a-boo top for female avatars and more.

Community Theater will see Urgent Fury’s Urgent Frequency Television Episode 18, which will have SSX coverage, a new installment of Bullet Points about The Amazing Spider-Man, and news about a Starhawk tournament. Also, Replay with Doc has an interview with Asuukaa from The Tester – Season 3.

Finally, what appears to be a new arcade and/or mini-game space, Midway 3, is coming to PlayStation Home. However, the space’s release date is unspecified and may or may not be coming with this week’s update.

To view the Superhero Madness promotional video, click on the video below:

To view the promotional video for Urgent Frequency Television – Episode 18, click on the video below:

To view images of the discounted Novus Prime: Vindication outfits, Billabong outfits, Indie Park, Forthstar outfits, and promotional images for Midway 3, click on the Media Gallery below:

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[Source: PS Blog]