Rumor: Dead Space 3 To Feature Co-Op, New Weapon Functions & More

May 9, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

New rumors have emerged about Dead Space 3, from the inclusion of co-op to new weapon functions and more.

IGN claims that a source has told them about some features that will be a part of Dead Space 3, and an alleged new one is drop-in, drop-out co-op. A man with a scar and his own engineering RIG will be protagonist Isaac Clarke’s companion and the character acts as his guide during single player. The two characters will work together to interact with the environment via telekinesis. They’ll also be able to share ammunition and healing items, but won’t be able to revive one another.

Alternate fire for some weapons allegedly works differently than in previous installments, but that may be because of changes made to the workbench. The Plasma Cutter now has an alternate fire that knocks back enemies similar to the Force Gun and the Pulse Rifle now has the saw blades as an alternate fire mode. The report notes that the changes to the Pulse Rifle could be the new default loadout or changes to the workbench in terms of weapons customization options.

The game allegedly features new human soldier enemies, in addition to Necromorphs and new variations on the “Pack” enemies.

The setting of the game is described by the source as a desolate snow planet.

EA issued IGN the following comment in response:

As you may have heard on the EA earnings call on Monday, John Riccitello said that a new title from the Dead Space franchise is coming this fiscal year.  We don’t have any more detail at this time.

Dead Space 3 has not been officially announced by EA or Visceral Games, although a new Dead Space game was confirmed by EA in an earnings call.

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