Sons of Anarchy Game Planned For Consoles

May 9, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

The creator of popular FX cable network television drama Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter, has revealed that plans have begun for a console video game based on the series.

On Twitter, Sutter made a number of comments and provided some updates about the SOA video game. Sutter first said that “a great meeting” was had with “a big distributor yesterday.” He said that he, in addition everyone at FOX and FX, were committed to making the game happen.

Sutter wants SOA to have a “REAL” console game, not a browser-based multiplayer experience. He said that a console game will take a while, but that “it’s the right way to go.”

He also said that the SOA game will appeal to women gamers as well.

When asked what kind of game Sutter was thinking about having — being specifically asked about a game in either the FPS or open-world sandbox genres — he replied: “yes. sandbox.”

If there are any updates about the Sons of Anarchy game, PSLS will keep you posted.

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