PlayStation Home Update: Midway 3, New Clothing, and Men In Black HQ

May 14, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

This week’s PlayStation Home update includes Midway 3, new clothing, and a Men in Black Headquarters.

First and foremost in the update is the addition of Midway 3, an arcade-like area offering up to $25,000 in real prizes, including Sony electronic devices and cash. Tickets to enter the park cost $0.99 for a 50 pack, but no purchase is necessary to enter. Midway 3 has 10 games (including Pull My Finger, Puck It!, and Penny Pincher) with 10 different levels of difficulty that offer over 100 unique virtual items. Enter the new Midway Hot Zone to play Hot Streak Air Hockey to earn Hot Zone Points to cash them in for prizes at the Lots O’ Junk Redemption Center. Players that enter the Midway get entered in the Cash Carnival Sweepstakes to win the above-mentioned Sony electronic devices (given away weekly) or the $15,000 grand prize. Also, beginning in Week 16 of the giveaway, $1,000 cash will be added to each prize giveaway.

Clothing-wise, Drey will be providing more refined designs for the Spring season via the Kaleidoscope Color and Smart Artist collections.

Members of x7 will get early access to clothing items such as the White Leather Jacket and Pants for female characters and the Sleeveless Gi for male characters.

Finally, Sony Pictures and LOOT are bringing the Men in Black Headquarters to PlayStation Home. Players can monitor alien activity to help Jay and Kay, take a quiz to determine if you’re an alien or an agent to the agency, and take photos with their favorite agents. They can also explore the MiB HQ for rewards and sneak peeks at Men in Black 3 and upcoming video game Men in Black: Alien Crisis.

To view promotional images for Midway 3, Drey clothing, and the Men in Black HQ, click on the Media Gallery below:

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