BioWare Now Looking to Fans for Suggestions on Dragon Age 3

May 17, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Mark Darrah, the executive producer on BioWare’s Dragon Age series has made it clear that he and the team want to make a game for the fans, so the studio has begun an official discussion on its forums, where gamers can submit suggestions on where the team should take the next entry in the series.

BioWare’s Jessica Merizan outlined this “conversation between fans, the community team, and the developers,” saying that input from fans will play a crucial role in the development of the next proper Dragon Age title.

Everyone at BioWare is incredibly excited about the future of the franchise but we’re interested in what you have to say. Every month, we will discuss a topic or question about Dragon Age and game development. You will have one week to post your thoughts, desires, and hopes before we close the thread for review. Moderators and developers will pop into the thread to chat every now and again, so keep an eye out.

According to Merizan, this input won’t be limited to the next game, but also span across any future products that may be related to the series, including “novels, animated features, pen and paper RPGs, and comics – all of which offer us opportunities to expand on parts of the world.”

Could this move by BioWare perhaps be in response to the negative outcry from gamers upset by Mass Effect 3’s ending? I’m all for pleasing the audience you are creating a product for, but shouldn’t the artistic vision of the creator stand on its own?

Merizan was also careful to point out that anything brought up by fans in the forums would be considered, but not necessarily implemented within the game, saying, “It’s worth reminding that we’re not making promises, we’re talking about ideas. We won’t guarantee that things we discuss will materialize and we’re not showing anything until we’re ready.”

If you’d like to get in on the discussion, you can head over here and type until your fingers bleed.