Ubisoft Could be Renaming or Cancelling Brothers in Arms: Furious Four, Drops Trademark [UPDATE: Trademark to be Refiled]

May 18, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

UPDATE: Due to some confusion with the USPTO, Ubisoft has decided to let their application for the Furious Four trademark lapse and plans to refile. Since Gearbox holds the exclusive rights for all Brothers in Arms trademarks, Ubisoft’s initial request was denied.

At last year’s Ubisoft E3 press conference, Gearbox Software announced Brothers in Arms: Furious Four, an Inglorious Basterds inspired approach to WWII. Now, according to a recent trademark abandonment, it looks like publisher Ubisoft is planning to either rename or cancel the game.

Furious Four was scheduled for release sometime late this summer, but we haven’t heard much of anything about the game since its debut last June. The trailer definitely showed promise, so we’re really hoping that this trademark drop (spotted by Superannuation) is related to a name change rather than a cancellation, but either is fairly plausible at this point.

Gearbox and Ubisoft haven’t commented on the news yet, and likely won’t if they’re planning to reveal the game’s new title next month. In the meantime, head over here and check out the trailer for Furious Four and let us know whether or not you think the game needs a re-branding.