Rumor: Sine Mora No Longer Xbox-Exclusive, Coming to PS3 and Vita

May 23, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

There’s a good chance Digital Reality’s XBLA exclusive Sine Mora will be jumping to the PlayStation Network very soon, especially in light of a recent listing by the Australian Classification Board.

If you head over to the Australian Classification site here, you’ll notice that Digital Reality has listed both “DR PS3 Working Title” and “DR Vita Working Title.” While this does not conclusively point to a Sine Mora port, the evidence is sure in its favor, as the game was originally supposed to come to the PSN before going exclusive with Microsoft.

Interestingly enough, the listing points to both a PS3 and Vita version of the game, which hopefully means that Sine Mora will see a simultaneous launch for both Sony systems via the PlayStation Network. For those that aren’t familiar with the title, this Grasshopper published game is a time-based shoot’em up, heavy-laden with mature themes and a unique art style.

Digital Reality is also currently working on Black Knight Sword, and while this could be in reference to that, the fact that the developer is specifically referring to Sony’s platforms leads us to believe it’s Sine Mora.