Epic Mickey Planned to Have “a Four-Game Storyline Arc” From the Beginning

May 24, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Game designer Warren Spector recently revealed just how epic he has been planning the Epic Mickey series to be, explaining that from the outset he had envisioned it spanning four separate games.

In an interview with MCV,  Spector explained that when it came time to start on the sequel to Epic Mickey, he was hardly taken off guard, as he had several additional games planned from the very beginning. “Before the first Epic Mickey I actually had a four-game storyline arc, and I had at least three games worth of the ‘game innovation’ to introduce,” he said. “So the idea of two-player co-op and songs in the second game was something I knew I wanted to do before I started the first.”

Spector went on to discuss how the story of the games have continued to evolve and change throughout the development process, even though he had much of it planned a while back.

We never really do the stories I come up with, because we can always come up with better ones once we’ve lived in a game’s world for a while. But I am pretty good at predicting the gameplay mechanics and innovations.

I knew what it was going to be – in essence – in 2005.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is being developed by Junction Point Studios and Blitz Games, and is scheduled for release this September.