Why I’m NOT excited for Black Ops 2 [Community Post]

May 24, 2012Written by Community

Editor’s Note: The following is a community post by PSLS reader Charlie Dove, who talks about his reservations for Black Ops 2.

Well as everyone reading this will know the next Call of Duty has inevitably been announced, and already a fair amount has been said about it. I imagine that many people reading this will be excited for the latest instalment in the long running series, I for one am not, and here’s why.

The first Call of Duty I played was COD4, most people will likely agree that it was a great game, even now I could happily play that game and still have fun for a little while. The next game in the series, World at War, was also fairly enjoyable for me, particularly with the introduction of Nazi Zombies, which was and still is my favourite mode in that game.

Since then however, I just don’t believe that it has been the same, well in some ways it has, and that’s the problem. One of my main reasons for a lack of interest in Black Ops 2 is simply that I’ve lost interest in the series because to me they all feel too similar. It has been over four years now since COD4 was released, and in many ways it still feels the same. I could switch from COD4 to WaW to Black Ops and not notice much of a difference in the gameplay. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, they have to be at least relatively similar after all they are in the same series. You could perhaps argue that Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood and Revelations are similar in some ways but they still had new elements to them. Call of Duty has had new features as well of course, but underneath it just all seems the same and I can honestly say that it’s gotten rather boring to me, I feel like there is nothing new to hold my interest and right now I can’t see that changing with the new release.

However, that does not mean that I will ignore Black Ops 2 completely, I will continue to read new details about it as they emerge and, who knows, this game could prove to be one that gets me interested again. This ‘near-futuristic’ setting sounds relatively interesting, and my favourite gamemode in the series (Zombies!) has already been confirmed as a part of the game. It’s only fair to give every game a chance, but personally it’s nothing for me to get excited about.

Well that just about covers it, I hope you guys can see where I’m coming from, though many of you (providing this actually wins the competition of course) will probably be sitting there wondering “what the f*** is this guy on about?”. Some might agree with me, though others surely won’t. This is purely my opinion and in my opinion Call of Duty just isn’t particularly interesting any more, but perhaps that’ll change later this year.

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