God of War: Ascension Release Date Revealed

Sony’s press conference was full of reveals and surprises, but there probably aren’t many in the audience who were naive enough to believe that God of War wouldn’t make an appearance. Today Sony revealed some more details about the upcoming God of War: Ascension including a hard release date for the game.

The stage demo of God of War: Ascension showed a demo of Kratos arriving at the dock of an unknown area. He then gets attacked by a group of enemies before the wreckage of a ship thrown by a Kraken destroys part of the dock. Using some kind of amulet or power, he rewinds time in order to reconstruct part of the dock and freeze it in time. After doing this, Kratos swings around the dock reconstructing it further until he reaches the top of the area. He then fights a new elephant-headed enemy before doing battle with a large sea monster very reminiscent of the Kraken. The graphics, sound, and controls appear to be standard for God of War and the combat looked very fluid.

All of this new information is in addition to the details already provided by Sony’s multiplayer preview of the game. Sony also finally revealed a release date for God of War: Ascension as March 12, 2013. We’ll have more on God of War: Ascension as it becomes available and, as always, stay tuned to PSLS for more.