Kojima Developing Games Based on Human Issues

June 6, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Hideo Kojima has confirmed he’s working on a new series of games that has an emphasis towards human issues.

The Metal Gear Solid creator told CVG that the unannounced titles will be geared towards the concept of issues such as raising a family or love. Kojima’s already working on Project Ogre but it’s not clear whether the new series is in anyway related to the mysterious title. What the legendary developer did say, though, was that the new set of games would distinguish itself from the issues portrayed in Metal Gear Solid.

There are a lot of real world issues I want to address, but the reason I kept making the MGS saga and its sequels is that it allowed me to explore my ideas.

But now I’m starting a new series, focusing on new set of issues. It’ll probably be different to what MGS addressed. Of course, I’m turning 50 now, so if I’m going to approach new topics, it might be something more on a human level, like the concept of love, or rearing a family, things of that nature.

Kojima is now working on his first project since Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker‘s completion in the form of Project Ogre, which would focus on a taboo subject.