Need for Speed: Most Wanted to Feature Best of Burnout Paradise, Hot Pursuit

June 7, 2012Written by Zak Islam

Criterion Games has said Need for Speed: Most Wanted will feature the best of both Burnout Paradise and 2010’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, both of which have been developed by the studio.

Speaking to VideoGamer, producer Matt Webster said the recently announced racer would feature all the best “sh*t” from Burnout and Hot Pursuit:

It’s everything we know about open-world driving, just piling it together. All the best shit about Burnout and everything we did in Hot Pursuit, we’re just smashing them together.

[Most Wanted] is what we think an open-world game should be. Hot Pursuit was about beautiful cars and epic drives, and so it didn’t match what we wanted to do in that game. This time it totally does. Everything that we’ve ever done comes to pass here.

Webster added that the racer has been influenced by all of the British studio’s past games:

It’s a Criterion game so everything that we’ve ever done comes to play. We always say that each game we do is a reflection of us at the time, but of course, you’re going to be influenced by what we’ve done in the past and all the stuff we had fun with.

You remember the journey that we went on with Paradise. The game that we shipped was absolutely not the game that we ended up with. And with Hot Pursuit we learned a bunch of other things. This is the best of everything.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted is currently scheduled for a release in North America on October 30th 2012 and November 2nd in European regions.