Tony Hawk Developer Neversoft Confirmed to be Working on Call of Duty

First Tony Hawk, then Guitar Hero, now… Call of Duty?! It looks like the infamous Activision developer Neversoft will be lending its talents to the publisher’s popular military shooter series.

If you head over to the Neversoft website, you’ll notice on their front page that they reference work on the Call of Duty franchise, saying:

Work hard. Play hard. That’s what we do. We have molded our team into a crack squad of eager developers ready to push the First Person Action genre in support of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise. 

It looks like the developer is searching for several talented individuals to join the team, including a Single-Player Design Scripter and Lead Multiplayer Level Designer, both set to work on a first-person shooter, which at this point is likely the next major Call of Duty title. We’ve known for quite some time that they’ve been working on a first-person shooter, but only now have we received confirmation that it’s within the confines of this popular franchise.

While there’s no doubt that Neversoft is a talented team, their track record may have Call of Duty fans a bit worried. First, Activision had them milk the life out of Tony Hawk followed shortly by their efforts to suck Guitar Hero well dry. Will they do the same to Call of Duty? It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.