Arkane Studios Assures Gamers Dishonored is Being Optimized for Each Individual Platform

June 21, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Those of you eagerly anticipating Arkane Studios’ upcoming first-person action game Dishonored can rest assured that the team is doing all that they can to optimize the game specifically for the PS3.

Fortunately, it looks like no compromises have been made in brining Dishonored to any of the platforms. With regard to the various versions of Dishonored, Harvey Smith, the co-creative director at Arkane told AusGamers:

So we have fanatical Xbox guys that want to make sure their Achievements are handled correctly; we have a lot of old-school PC guys that want to make sure that there’s no mouse-acceleration forced on you, and you can turn off parts of the HUD, and that the key-bindings are right. And also on the PC of course, you can run at 60 frames a second, which is pretty sweet.

And then we have PS3 guys as well that are, like, fanatical for their platform and make sure the trophies are handled correctly and it performs well on the PS3 and all that. So that’s one of the good things about the team.

If you’ve read our preview of Dishonored, then we hope you’re as excited about the game as we are. With so many different ways to tackle an objective, this latest title from Bethesda appears to be shaping up into one of 2012’s must-haves.