Ueda Talks The Last Guardian, “Business as Usual”

June 21, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Just last week, PlayStation software head Scott Rohde offered a few bits of information on the progress of Team ICO’s The Last Guardian, explaining that while the game is still in development, it won’t ship until it’s “absolutely ready.” This week, we’ve now gotten word from the game’s lead creator, Fumito Ueda, who has offered up a few additional words on how the game is coming along.

Unfortunately, the handful of words he offered to Kotaku don’t offer an incredible amount of insight beyond the fact that he’s still committed to finishing the game. “It’s been business as usual,” he explained. “The only things that’ve really changed are the terms of my contract.”

“Business as usual” doesn’t really convey a sense of commitment to the project, which shouldn’t come as all that much of a surprise considering his recent departure from Sony. The second line of his statement however, seems to double back on those hollow words, as Ueda claims that his dedication to the project hasn’t changed.

When Kotaku followed up by inquiring how the game itself is coming along, Ueda only laughed and said “I can’t really comment on the details.” Make of that what you will, but it doesn’t sound like the game will be ready for launch anytime soon.