Konami Holding Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Party Next Month, Metal Gear Series Information To Be Announced

July 12, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Konami will be celebrating the anniversary of Metal Gear next month and may have an announcement to make at the event.

The publisher announced on the official Metal Gear 25th Anniversary site that they’ll be holding a “Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Party” on August 30th, where they’ll be announcing information about the Metal Gear series. An earlier report had said that Hideo Kojima had mentioned that there would be an announcement at the event, which may have to do with Kojima’s vision of a game that connects people — a vision that Peace Walker‘s “transfarring” had been a test for. The event takes place on August 30th at Tokyo Midtown and is invitation-only, but fans will be able to enter a drawing to participate in the event.

Konami and Kojima Productions have already made some announcements for the anniversary. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been announced as receiving not only Trophy support, but a full install option as well in the game’s budget re-release (in place of the mid-chapter installs that were originally included in the PS3 exclusive).

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