EA: Mirror’s Edge Sequel is “on the List”

July 13, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Those of you eager to get back to more first-person parkour behind the eyes of Faith in a proper Mirror’s Edge sequel shouldn’t give up hope, as Electronic Arts has assured fans of the series that a second title is on their to do list.

In the latest issue of GameInformer, Electronic Arts labels president Frank Gibeau discussed the future of Mirror’s Edge, claiming that a successor is only a matter of  “how and when.” There’s no doubt that DICE has their hands full with supporting Battlefield 3 and working on the inevitable Battlefield 4, so the publisher will likely have to look to a different group of capable minds.

We love Faith. We love the property. It’s really about how and when do you bring it back? It’s on the list. It’s just about looking at what teams are available, who’s got the right quality approach to it, and who understands it.

How badly do you want to see a Mirror’s Edge 2? Do you think this really is an IP that EA should be investing time and resources in? Let us know in the comments below.