Mass Effect 3 Single-Player DLC to Center Around Shepard

July 17, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Up until this point, BioWare hasn’t added any additional single-player content to ME3 aside from the extended ending. They have, however, beefed up the multiplayer since its release via DLC and hope to continue to support the online community if fans are still interested. That said, the team also has big plans for more single-player add-on content, the majority of which will focus on Commander Shepard.

In an interview with Joystiq, producer Mike Gamble explained:

We want to do single-player DLC. We want to do single-player, maybe more multiplayer if people still play it. Mass Effect 3 is Shepard’s story, so the single-player DLC forMass Effect 3 will probably focus around Shepard.

Just last week, voice actor Anthony Skordi confirmed the upcoming story-centric Leviathan downloadable content, which BioWare has yet to detail in full. The latest expansion to the game’s multiplayer offerings, dubbed the “Earth” DLC pack will be available for download via the PlayStation Store later today.