Mid-Year Japanese Vita Software Sales are in, Persona 4 Tops the List

July 18, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Japanese magazine Famitsu recently published the sales numbers for Vita software in the region, and to no one’s surprisePersona 4: The Golden leads the pack.

The data, first posted by Andriasang, compiles the total sale of Vita games for the first half of 2012. With the Atlus RPG not far from 200 thousand units sold, it tops the list by a fair margin. You can check out the top ten Vita games of 2012 thus far below.

  1. Persona 4 The Golden (188,782)
  2. Hot Shots Golf 6 (118,985)
  3. Uncharted Golden Abyss (89,390)
  4. Gravity Daze/Rush (74,785)
  5. Dynasty Warriors Next (74,718)
  6. Tales of Innocence R (71,463)
  7. Lord of Apocalypse (69,162)
  8. Ragnarok Odyssey (65,318)
  9. Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (55,527)
  10. Disgaea 3 Return (54,902)

The Hot Shots Golf franchise clearly has some selling power in Japan, holding strong at second place, just above Bend Studio’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss. But enough about the Japanese game market, what has been your favorite Vita game since the platform’s launch earlier this year? Sound off with your pick in the comments below.