Square Enix to Make Major FFXIII Announcements in September, Versus XIII Reportedly Canceled

July 20, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Square Enix has big plans for its Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event, as the publisher aims to make some major announcements about the franchise in less than two months’ time.

According to Andriasang, on September 1st Square will be making a presentation on the next major “project” set in the Final Fantasy XIII universe. Reports not too long ago pointing to a Final Fantasy XIII-3 lead us to believe that we’ll get some sort of official reveal of this alleged game at that time.

However, those of you holding out hope that we’ll also find out more about the long awaited Versus XIII spin-off are likely to be disappointed, as a rumor from Kotaku states that the game has been cancelled. According to “several sources” that spoke with the outlet, Square Enix has decided to let this one go, with one source in particular claiming that decision to scrap the title was made only just a few weeks ago.

It is believed that Square hopes to let this one simply fade away, avoiding a major announcement that would inevitably affect share prices. The rumor also goes on to say that the Versus XIII team has gone on to aid in the development of the next proper Final Fantasy titleFFXV.

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