PSA: PSN Scams Emerge During Outage

July 26, 2012Written by Dan Oravasaari

As most of know by now, the internet is full of people trying to lie to us about something. Well PlayStation LifeStyle is here to report to you some of the current scams floating around on PSN.

Below are 3 messages that have been getting pushed around PSN during today’s scheduled outage:

Message 1:

****-****-**** Put the code Playstation card store and you will get $50.00, but you will need to send to all of your friends. I swear I just typed this in, the code does work. It is PS3’s 4th birthday and for all their friends (including the one who sent you this message) Once you do this an alert message will come up on screen and it will tell you a unique code

Message 2:

Hello there, Playstation Netwok user. I’m Kevin Butler from the Sony Entertainment Company. I would like to stop this spamming rumour about Playstation Network users having to pay for playing online, so please help me stop the rumour spamming. If you send this to 35 people, you will be granted $37 on Playstation Store; just check your wallet money on Playstation Store. This message is traced by me, Kevin, and Sony Entertainment Company. please copy and send to all friends  GO TO COPY PRESS X AND SCROLL

Message 3:

Dear PSN users,We are still feeling very sorry about PSN being down, because of this were not only giving away 2 free games, but we are giving $50 funds to your friends

From Playstation IT WORKS! Send this message to ALL of your friends. Once you have sent this message to all of your friends – you will get $50 on your PSN.

Enter this code: ****-****-**** (after you send message to allDear PSN users

We are still feeling very sorry about PSN being down, because of this

All 3 messages are easily determined to be fakes, as Sony will not use any of these methods to deliver a message to you. First of all, a PSN official will not use chain-mail to spread ANY message. Sony has their own accounts which have a PSN avatar, unavailable to normal users, which can message every account. The incredibly poor grammar in each of the messages is a dead giveaway, as Sony does not use 5th grade drop-outs to run their million dollar network. Lastly, for Sony to give out $50 to each of its users, it would account for an almost 2 billion dollar giveaway; Something that will could not happen without every gaming news site on the planet reporting on it.

So stay smart out there, and remember kids, don’t talk to strangers – especially if they can’t string more than 2 words together. This has been a message from your favorite independent PlayStation site on the net, PlayStation LifeStyle.