Slow Motion, Cover Systems & Destructible Environments Shown In Sleeping Dogs’ Gunplay Trailer

July 27, 2012Written by Nick Michetti

Wei is going to have to shoot his way out of some bad situations, but will have plenty of tools at his disposal to do so, judging by the newest trailer for Sleeping Dogs.

Square Enix’s trailer for the upcoming open-world action game emphasizes the title’s gun combat and features that players will be able to use during shootouts (slow-motion, cover system, etc.). Sleeping Dogs is promoted as having “hard-boiled gunplay” (a possible reference to the popular John Woo film of the same name).

Wei is shown engaging in a number of gunfights with enemies, hiding behind cover, and blowing up cars and other objects (with the trailer saying that it has “explosive and destructible environments”).

Gamers who’d like to see even more of the game in action can also check out the recently released developer walkthrough of the mission “Mrs. Chu’s Revenge.”

United Front Games’ latest title can be picked up on PS3, Xbox 360, or PC on August 14th.