Far Cry 3 Will Allow Players to Customize Their Load Outs via Smartphone or Browser

The dev team behind Far Cry 3 is working hard to make their online community features better than ever. One of the ways Ubisoft plans to do this is by allowing players to customize their multiplayer load outs via their smartphone or web browser.

In an interview with VG247, Mark Thompson, the lead designer at Ubisoft Montreal discussed all of the game’s new community features that will be laid atop a robust online multiplayer experience.

The multiplayer experience has three main components: PVP with multiple different game modes and a strong team based component; a 4 player co-op campaign independent of the single player story; and the return of the map editor allowing players to create and share their own maps.

On top of that we have other community enriching features with web to game content that allows players to build their load outs outside of the game through a browser or smart phone.

Thompson went on to detail an in-game rewards system that will motivate players to gain as much XP as possible, and also teased the still unannounced social integration that will enhance the single-player experience.

You can also unlock and share in-game rewards through the web based content, and your online profile is consistent across PVP and co-op so gaining XP and rewards will help in all aspects of multiplayer. There are also social aspects of the single player campaign that we haven’t revealed yet that will bring out the competitive streak in players.

Look for Far Cry 3 when it launches in stores this December.