Market Ready For Next-Gen Consoles, Says 2K Games Boss

2K Games boss believes the market is now ready for the next-generation of consoles to arrive.

When asked by what Sony’s PlayStation 3 successor, as well as the next Xbox will mean for the publisher, Christoph Hartmann stated:

I think the market is ready to take console gaming to the next level. It is the longest cycle we’ve had and it is harder and harder to launch new IPs. Consumers are very used to the big franchises, but we need innovation in terms of content to really drive things.

As for us getting ready for what is coming one day, we really do not have any concrete plans. It is pretty much the same like always. It’s the same for Wii U – we are awaiting new things and want to try out new things, but we are cautious about where we put our efforts and then will really get behind it.

2K Games’ line-up includes Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite, which launches on February 26th next year, as well as Borderlands 2, with the sequel releasing on September 18th in North America and 21st in Europe.