Activision Blows the Lid Off of Black Ops 2’s Multiplayer With Debut Trailer

The first official multiplayer footage of Black Ops 2 has finally arrived. This brand-new trailer from Activision highlights the latest additions to the franchise’s insanely popular multiplayer mode, not the least of which include tomahawks.

As expected, the game packs a number of incremental changes to the Call of Duty formula, staying true to the twitchy run-and-gun style of play. That said, there are a few notable changes that can be spotted in the clip, including the aforementioned tomahawk and lots of drones.

Check out the video reveal below.

With Black Ops 2 being set in the near future, you can expect to see some futuristic weaponry in the online space. However, Treyarch has mentioned in the past that they are aiming to keep it grounded in reality as much as possible, so don’t expect to see laser beams and light sabers.

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