Sega Unveils Release Date for Hell Yeah!, Coming to PSN Next Month

Sega has just announced that the insanely twisted side-scrolling platformer Hell Yeah! will be released next month on September 25th over the PlayStation Network.

Bearing a striking resemblance to Sonic in its level design, Hell Yeah! features action heavy platforming. However, as far as the game’s premise goes, it’s nothing like your typical outing with the blue hedgehog. In Hell Yeah! you play as a demonic rabbit on a blood-thirsty quest for revenge. As such, this game is far from family friendly.

Along with this release news, Sega also unveiled a brand-new trailer for the game, dubbed “Pimp It Up”. We’ve embedded the trailer below, so give it a look.

The game is being developed by the French indie studio Arkedo and will also be launching on XBLA one day later than the PSN on September 26th. For more information on Hell Yeah! and all things PlayStation, keep it locked to PlayStation LifeStyle.