Konami Launches Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Site, Teasing Four Announcements

Konami has just launched the official site for Metal Gear’s 25th anniversary celebration, and they’re teasing four announcement’s on the homepage. Any fan of the franchise will tell you that Kojima loves to tease his fans, and it appears that trend isn’t ending anytime soon.

If you head over to the website now, you’ll notice four exclamation marks towards the bottom of the page with the words “Coming Soon” atop each one. If you are too lazy to head over the site, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


What could Kojima possibly be planning? We know he’s already set to show off the Fox Engine later this month, which is the same tech that will be powering the next entry in the Metal Gear series. Will Kojima give us an official debut of Metal Gear Solid 5? One can only hope.

Let us know what you’d like to see revealed in the comments below. I for one would love to see a PS3 remake of the original Metal Gear Solid. Yes, I know Silicon Knights remade the game for the GameCube, but after seeing Shadow Moses in MGS4, I’d really like a proper PS3 rendition.