Raymond: “Our Audience Expects Perfection,” Which in Turn “Does Limit Innovation”

Ubisoft Toronto head Jade Raymond shared a few of her thoughts on the current state of games and the rising expectations of gamers, saying that this reality is getting in the way of innovation.

According to Raymond, their audience demands perfection, and in order to be truly successful, they must live up to these high standards. “Before, there were only, say, two million people playing games – they were real fans and they were playing every game. They were willing to forgive bugs, and try things that weren’t as much fun because they were different” she explained to OXM.

“Now, there are 30 million people buying and they only buy the top five. They expect perfection. I think that growing up with everything being so good, so easy to use, there are certain expectations.”

Raymond went on discuss how this hinders new and creative ideas from making their way into new games, saying that “it does limit innovation, because if something isn’t working as you get towards shipping, you have to cut it or revert to back what you know does work.”

Do you agree with these thoughts? Are our expectations for flawless, bug-free experiences preventing developers from trying new things? Sound off in the comments below.