New Trailer for The Unfinished Swan Looks Incredible

Giant Sparrow, the incredibly imaginative Swedish developer behind the upcoming PlayStation Network title The Unfinished Swan, has just released a brand-new trailer for their game at gamescom.

The video shows off the game’s second level, which introduces some color to an otherwise simplistic black and white environment. Feast your eyes on the gorgeous footage below.

Instead of simply tossing black blobs of paint like we’ve seen in prior videos, the player throws drops of water to help the vibrant green wildlife grow amongst the white backdrop. The Unfinished Swan is undoubtedly one unique experience that will help to fill the void left by thatgamecompany’s decision to go multiplatform.

With so many fantastic new titles announced just yesterday for the PlayStation platform, let’s hope that this one doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Let us know what you think of Giant Sparrow’s artsy creation in the comments below.