Darksiders 2 Combat Designed to be “Open Ended”

Darksiders 2 combat designer Ben Cureton has said players will discover a variety of methods to combine protagonist Death’s moves that aren’t detailed within the instructional manual.

Cureton discussed the sequel’s combat with Siliconera, as well as the game’s influences:

We definitely played every combat game. It doesn’t matter if it’s considered the best game of all time or the worst game of all time. We play ‘em all. Obviously, we had the Zelda inspiration with the puzzles and stuff. But for combat, we are huge DMC and Bayonetta fans. We didn’t want to re-create DMC and Bayonetta, but we wanted to re-create the feeling of open-ended combat; allow players to come up with their own combos and be creative.

We didn’t just want people to play Darksiders 1.5, we wanted people to play Darksiders 2.5. We wanted to raise the bar on what they expected from our franchise, and not come in and feel like they were playing the exact same game. So we decided to make Death completely different from War, but at the same time he still feels like a character from the Darksiders universe.

Darksiders 2 is now available in North America, while European territories receive the game next week on Tuesday.