New Screenshots for Yakuza 5 Look Great, Shiny

A preview event for Yakuza 5 was held in Tokyo today, and to go along with the event, Sega released a handful of new screenshots that look absolutely amazing.

While the images themselves aren’t taken from actual gameplay, they are however from in-engine cutscenes which (even still) is quite impressive. The level of detail on the characters’ faces is amazing and a perfect reminder of how far game development has come this generation.

While the PS3 is beginning to show its age compared to the high end PCs of today, developers are still finding new ways to squeeze more power out of Sony’s console.

Unfortunately, the game is only slated for release in Japan right now, but there’s a good chance this one will get localized. Sega has brought the prior installments to the West, so there’s no reason to assume they won’t with the fifth as well.

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