Ubisoft Paris Teasing New Game Announcement, Coming Later This Week

Ubisoft Paris, the studio behind Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is teasing an upcoming announcement regarding a new project they’re currently working on.

International product manager Aymeric Evennou teased the internet on Twitter, saying: “New project announced *very* soon. Finally !” Upon receiving several tweets from fans hoping for clarity regarding the all too ambiguous “very soon” time frame, Evennou responded by confirming that the announcement will be made this week.

Aside from this tease, we have absolutely no idea what they may be announcing. Considering the fact that this is the team that brought us the latest entry in Tom Clancy’s popular Ghost Recon series, there’s reason to believe it may be something in the same vein.

It’s also worth noting that Ubisoft Paris is the same studio behind Just Dance, so let’s hope it isn’t related to that franchise. Fortunately, the fourth installment is set the launch next month, so there’s a good chance it will be something different.

Are there any particular titles you are hoping Ubisoft will unveil? Let us know by commenting below.