Treyarch Not Aiding in Nihilistic’s Development of Black Ops: Declassified

If you’re worried about the ultimate quality of the PlayStation Vita’s Call of Duty title, you have every reason to be, as Activision and Treyarch have made it clear that Nihilitic is going at it alone.

John Rafacz, the communications manager at Treyarch told CVG that the studio has not worked with Nihilistic in the development of the handheld shooter, saying flat out that they have “not been involved with the Vita version.”

As far as Activision’s role in the production of Declassified, a spokesperson from the company explained that “Activision is the publisher, but we also have a partnership with Sony to bundle Declassified with the PlayStation Vita.”

Activision went on to add that, aside from speaking with Nihilistic “to ensure accuracies within the fiction,” Treyarch hasn’t had a hand in the development of the game whatsoever.

It looks like those of you eager to play a quality first-person shooter on their Vita may just have to hold out for Killzone Mercenary.