Day/Night Cycle in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Will Influence Gameplay

It looks like the changes from day to night won’t simply serve as a way to show off the FOX Engine’s gorgeous lighting effects in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, as Kojipro’s Hideo Kojima has confirmed that the day/night cycle will directly impact the game world.

Kojima shared this news with Eurogamer, saying that these dynamic changes will help increase the game’s level of re-playability. As an example of how the experience might change, Kojima alluded to altering enemy patterns.

In addition, Konami has finally released a bunch of screenshots taken from the game’s debut trailer. If you haven’t already seen the FOX Engine in action via the Ground Zeroes video reveal, head over here to see it for yourself. Otherwise, just admire the screenshots in the gallery below.

What do you think of Kojima’s latest entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise? Are you excited to step back in the shoes of the legendary Big Boss? Let us know in the comments below.