Augmented Reality Box Opening Vita Game Revealed

There are so many incredibly exciting activities in our lives, that sometimes, through sheer thoughtlessness, we forget to base video games off these daily tribulations; and now we find ourselves in the awkward position where we’ve trotted the globe solving historical puzzles, eviscerated the Gods, took back the streets, and ultimately saved the universe for generations to come, yet we haven’t begun to develop video games rocking the routine, where in the world is: “Tiger Woods Watches Paint Dry 2012”, “Akkounting With Scorpion”, “Half-Tucking Nathan Drakes Shirt”, “Kratos Teaches Social Pleasantries”, and in what world can we believe in Sackboy as a character without a game where we’re manually stuffing him?

箱! Open Me” (translates to, and will be referred to “Boxes! Open Me“) is set to change this irresponsible trend with what looks to be an augmented reality box opening game for the PlayStation Vita. We have nearly nothing to go on at this point other than: the trailer below which depicts an augmented reality box being displayed on the Vita’s screen, and the site which is both Japanese, and appears to lack details. Update: Nathan Thompson has provided a colorful translation in the comments below.

Boxes! Open Me” is a downloadable PlayStation Vita title, and the latest fruit of the PlayStation C.A.M.P, the same development talent search studio that’s bringing us Tokyo Jungle on the 25th. Keep your eyes on PlayStation Lifestyle, and we’ll let you know what in the world Boxes! Open Me is exactly when Sony distributes the promotional AR game at TGS next week.