Tretton Confirms Dust 514 is Set to Launch Next Month

Sony’s Jack Tretton has outed the news that Dust 514 will be releasing on PlayStation Network during the month of October.

Whether or not Tretton’s announcement that CCP’s shooter would be launching next month was a planned reveal remains to be seen, but one thing’s for certain, we can’t wait to dive into the free-to-play MMO this October.

The Sony exec appeared on FOX Business to discuss the PlayStation platform and revealed Dust 514‘s launch after being questioned about the free-to-play market. “We do have free-to-play games. A game called Dust 514 is a full-blown first-person shooter available on PlayStation 3 that not only allows you to play against your friends on PS3, but also against people on the PC,” he explained, going on to add that it’s “coming out next month.”

Aside from this announcement, Sony has yet to provide us with official confirmation regarding the game’s launch, so sit tight for more news on this front. In the meantime, you can check out the video interview for yourself right here.