Ending of Assassin’s Creed 3 to “Give Room for Answers and Pay-Off”

If you’re tired of being strung along by the writers at Ubisoft on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, having to deal with a string of questions and very few answers, you can rest assured that AC3 will provide the resolution your heart desires.

Lead writer Corey May told Shacknews that while, yes they are keeping some things open for the possibility of additional entries in the series, they’re also wrapping up Desmond’s story in a way that will provide pay-off to players who have stuck with the games since day one.

Should they decide in the future to do other stuff, there’s plenty of room to explore, plenty of seeds that have been planted that won’t conflict. It was my intent to provide pay-off and to answer questions for those who are invested in them. It should provide a fairly lengthy ending that will also give room for answers and pay-off.

May then went on to assure the outlet that the ending won’t provide some ridiculous and convoluted conclusion that would leave gamers’ heads spinning.

The ending should not come out of nowhere. You will not wake up and find that you were in an Animus reliving the life of someone who was in an Animus. We are not doing that. It was not all just a dream. 

I think people that have invested in the Desmond storyline will understand where the end of the game comes from. We’re tying up loose ends and providing answers and resolution to things. You’re not going to get another tremendous insane-o cliffhanger.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is set to launch on October 30th.