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Kojima Details Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ Open World, Base Building Confirmed

When Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was first revealed, series creator Hideo Kojima confirmed that the game will feature open world elements. Up until this point, we’ve only been able to speculate what he’s meant by this, but that is no longer the case, as Kojima has spilled the beans at Eurogamer Expo.

The game will feature base-building, a mechanic that gamers who played Peace Walker are likely familiar with. In this new and improved version, Snake can call in a chopper at any time and be taken back to the home base, where the player is free to walk around and develop weapons. The chopper will also provide transport to other locations around the game world including other missions.

Interestingly enough, players will be able to manage their base using a smartphone should they choose. Kojima explained:

These days there are various ways to access the game world, not just playing in your living room on your games console. You may also access through your cell phone and other devices. I think in that respect that motherbase system lends itself very well to that system, and that’s something we’re planning on for Ground Zeroes.

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