PS3 Sales Up 138% Following ‘Super-Slim’ Release

The new PlayStation 3 went on sale last week and PS3 sales were up an exciting 138% in the UK, with the 299 Euro, 500GB  flavor accounting for 37% of total units sold despite releasing on a Friday – giving the Super-Slim console only 2 days to hit those numbers. It’s important to note that this respectable sales spike was hit even though Sony didn’t offer an actual price cut on the new hardware.

What’s really exciting to picture is how fast PS3’s will fly off shelves when the dirt cheap 229 Euro entry level 12GB PlayStation 3 goes on sale (exclusively) in Europe on October 12th. It’s a shame the budget unit isn’t releasing in North America for an attractive $200 or so, but it’s nice we can count on at least momentarily high sales in Europe.

If you were left stranded in your suddenly European living room without a PS3 in sight, would you jump on the 500Gb model, or the cheaper 12GB unit? I’d personally grab that 12GB and throw a terabyte HDD in it.