Joe Danger 2: The Movie Has Gone Gold, Includes 10 Hours Of Extra Content

The PSN release date for Joe Danger 2: The Movie should be happening very soon as developer Hello Games confirmed on their blog that it has officially gone gold. This means that the game is 100% finished and is just waiting for the final go ahead from Sony.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie sees Joe being discovered by a very mysterious Hollywood director and he is hired to perform every stunt within a movie. These stunts will see you stopping nuclear missile, fighting robots, chasing dinosaurs, and more as you play through the game that is twice as big as the original.

Some added features for the sequel include worldwide online level sharing (not just between friends anymore), 10 hours of un-specified extra content over the XBLA version, Deleted Scenes after you beat the campaign, and ghosts.

Check out the trailer to see the hijinks you’ll get up to this time around: